COVID-19 Update 27.3.2020

We have had some further guidance from our governing body the RCVS – Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons along with the British Veterinary Association and are now able to put out more guidelines for our clients.

We are able to remain open for our clients but have to follow strict rules. These are for everyone’s safety. The number of clients seen face to face should be kept to absolute minimum and veterinary teams must insist on strict social distancing measures at all times.

We are only able to see animals in an emergency or where, in the judgement of the veterinary surgeon, urgent assessment and/or treatment is needed in order to reduce the risk of patient deterioration to the point where it may become an emergency in the near future. ( ie within the 3 week time frame currently laid out by the Government)

We have had to reduce the number of staff at the practice so ask that the phone lines be kept free for emergencies.

Below I have detailed the most frequently asked question and answers. Please take time to read them. If your question is not answered but is not an emergency please email us on or ask us on Facebook. We will aim to reply within 48 hours.

🐶 Our opening time’s are currently 10am-4pm Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday. This may change at short notice.

🐱Do not arrive at the surgery without prior arrangement. Our door is locked. We cannot let people in without a COVID 19 risk assessment and series of questions being answered over the phone first of all

🐰if you need us in an emergency call 01706 225300, If for any reason we do not answer contact Armac who provide our out of hours service on 0161 764 4618

🐶 All adult vaccination boosters are having to be temporarily delayed. Please try not to worry though, the vaccines have a grace period of 3 months for the core components that will continue immunity for most animals. As an extra measure please avoid still and slow running water along with farmland if your dogs booster is having to be delayed. If you believe your dog is high risk, please email in your circumstances and the vet can discuss this with you.

🐶The kennel cough vaccine does not have this grace period, after 12 months the immunity will be lost. As we are all practising social distancing, the opportunity to be exposed to infected dogs is significantly reduced.

🐱kitten vaccinations are having to be temporarily stopped. The safest thing is to keep your kitten indoors until we can re start the vaccination protocol.

🐶puppy vaccinations for the time being are being delayed unless there is a specific high risk that cannot be managed. The safest place for your puppy during this time is in your garden away from all other dogs. If you need to discuss this further, please ask to speak to the vet on duty.

🐰 rabbit vaccination are also being stopped for the time being.

🐶repeat prescriptions for long term medication. Please email in your requests where ever possible to Due to interruptions in our delivery system please plan for these to take about a week to turn around. The prescriptions will need to be paid for over the phone and then a no contact collection arranged.

🐱flea and worm products. If you have run out and feel that your pet is high risk for re infestation please email in your requests. These will also potentially take a week to dispense. We will need to take payment over the phone and arrange a no contact collection. Please factor in that we have been advised against all but essential travel now so link with another journey. We may be able to offer postal options at the start of next week. This will depend on staff levels both with us and the post office.

🐹 we are now able to offer video and telephone consultations with the vet when appropriate.

🐰Pet Care Plan 6 month vet checks are having to be temporarily stopped, as soon as we are back to normal all clients will be offered them again.

On a personal note I want to take a moment to say thank you to my team. Over the last week life as we know it has been turned upside down. Every time we come out of our houses it is an additional risk.
The team is also finding it heart breaking not to be able to see all our patients and clients as we normally would. Our practice ethos has always been to see any animal that the client asks us to. For now we are not always able to do this and it is hard.

Stay safe anyone and once again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

For non emergency enquiries please email or ask us via Facebook. We aim to reply as soon as possible but it may take upto 48 hours

Claire Ormerod- Practice Manager, BSc(Hons) & RVN 27.3.2020